AN240・480・720 series are excellent winding machines in versatility that can be widely used for variously-shaped bobbin winding types such as relays, solenoids, ignition coils, and others.

Regarding one of the challenges of winding system, “multi-objective production”, Nittoku’s tool transfer system solved the problem to vastly reduce down-time for specification changeovers. Also its modular system permits addition/removal of processing modules for soldering, taping or assembling to/from system line, the system can build up best suited manufacturing line to meet the market needs.

Further, various options will substantially increase manufacturing efficiency; double traverse mechanism for finer winding, direct spindle mechanism for faster winding and decreases running costs, dedicated software for perfect layer coil winding, etc.




with conveyor


Bobbin transfer type

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Spindle Direct Drive Systemobj_pd_direct

  • Timing belt and/or pulley is not wanted
  • No need to worry about jolting out of alignment in speeding up
  • Quiet operation noise
  • Easy maintenance
  • Specific control on each spindle
  • Dust-free from the belt
  • Rear cover (safety measure) of the belt is not wanted

Free System Configuration

  • You can choose transfer method (tool free flow, bobbin transfer, table transfer, etc.) according to various types; mass/multi-production, small/multi-production, with or without specification changeovers, or post process.
  • Block system of specific NC Control allows operation by unit or segmentation operation for the system.
  • Even the bobbin which has difficulty in transfer may be automated in post process with various transfer tools.