CD Tecnologie S.r.l.

Via F.lli Cervi, 22   I-20833 Giussano  -MB-

Tel. +39 0362 352086

Fax.  +39 0362 352291


C.D.Tecnologie is a Company that has had many years experience in the coil winding industry, where it has developed a good technical background and knowledge of the Coil Winding Industry with a program of machines and accessories either of its own production or for marketing.

Since 2004 we are co-operate in Italy with Nittoku, a Japanese company with a new production plant in Europe and is the world leader of the winding systems which, from its birth in 1972, has continued to develop creative products to meet constantly changing and diversifying market needs.

Nittoku is a partner careful to customer satisfaction seeking compatibility between industry and global environment.


Here below you can see some example of entry level winding machine, contact us for additional info.