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Utilized extensively in major wire, textile, coil winding, EDM, fiber optic, and synthetic materials manufacturing and testing environments.

The TX-1 series of Tension Meters was designed to check tensions of all wire or yarn preparatory operations, fiber optics, film, tape, narrow fabrics and flat materials. The contact elements are recessed into the trigger shield which effectively stops material from catching and breaking behind the rollers. These instruments are accurate in any position the meter is used in.

  • Accurate
  • Dependable
  • Reliable


First select your material and its size. Then squeeze the trigger to separate the rollers. Insert the material against the trigger shield between the contact elements and slowly release the trigger. Your material drops automatically in place and readings will appear on the display



  • Battery Charge level
  • Selectable Tension in Grams, Newtons or Lbs
  • Active, color changing Bar Graph
  • Select Material and Size. Instrument automatically adjusts the calibration
  • Minimum and Maximum values


  • Large, easy to read backlit, color display with adjustable backlighting.
  • Display shows tension, name of material selected, minimum and maximum tension values, dynamic color bar graph indicating changing tensions and battery charge level
  • Select tension values to display in Grams, lbs, Newtons or cN (cN only available on TX-125-1-series instruments)
  • Instruments come with calibrations for numerous wires and filaments
  • Up to 10 additional custom calibrations may be programmed into the instrument
  • Extremely accurate custom calibration procedure employing up to a 10-point multilinearization procedure.
  • All calibrations are password protected
  • Choose your calibration by first highlighting and selecting the material (Wire, Filaments or Custom). Next define material size using choices such as AWG, Inches or mm and push “Enter”. The instrument automatically adjusts to the calibration you’ve selected with a full-scale accuracy of +/- 1%. Note: Full-scale accuracy for custom calibrations is material specific.
  • Adjustable LCD refresh rates allowing for stable, digital readouts
  • Automatic shutoff after several minutes of non-use
  • Instruments may be operated continuously while connected to power supply
  • Data Logging Feature. Select either Continuous or Single Point data logging mode and record tension or speed (optional) values to the instrument memory.
  • Data Averaging: Use this feature to adjust the stability of your displayed, tension readings. This feature allows the user to select the duration the instrument takes tension readings over and posting that average to the display. Options are: 1, 2, 5 and 10 seconds. This is a rolling average, meaning that only the readings taken in the last 1, 2, 5 or 10 seconds (your choice) will be averaged and displayed.
  • Data Statistics: Monitor your process by viewing count, average and standard deviation values of your logged data.
  • Set-Point feature allowing user to define high and low point specifications which are then shown on the main display as an active, color changing bar graph.
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries with power supply provided. Approximately 12 hours of continuous use depending upon backlighting intensity.
  • Power supply operates with input voltages from 100 – 240V and includes several, interchangeable adapters allowing use with European, Australian, US, English and other plug configurations.
  • Optional features including: Custom Rollers, Speed and Length monitoring, Analog Output and Serial Output
  • Optional magnetic or rigid Mounting Bracket
  • All models typically available from stock
  • Numerous application specific models available
  • Durable, lightweight carrying case with protective foam inserts
  • All instruments factory-calibrated and ready for use. Calibration certificate included and all calibration values traceable to National Standards

Sono disponibili diverse opzioni tra cui:

“-R”– opzione forma rotella a richiesta del cliente,
“-S”– opzione velocità e lunghezza,
“-A”– opzione output analogico con cavo1,5mt,
“-E”– opzione output seriale Rs232 con cavo 1,5mt,
“-D”– opzione Data Lodging – registrazione dati incl. output seriale, con cavo 1,5mt.


Il tensimetro modello TX viene sempre fornito con valigetta protettiva.

TX Main ScreenIl display ampio e dotato di retro-illuminazione regolabile mostra la tensione, il nome della calibrazione selezionata, la linea di scorrimento, valori minimi e massimi di tensione ed il livello di carica della batteria.



Maneggevole e pratico il TX è uno strumento di ingombro minimo.