C.D.Tecnologie knows the importance for our customers to receive a fast and professional service; our qualified staff is at your disposal to assist you in the phase of:

Product selection

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Winding machines renovation

Modernization of machines or winding process

After sales

Pre and post sales assistance

We can also provide in collaboration with our customers:

Winding machines renovation

The long experience in the sector of winding machines allows us to provide our customers an exclusive service of machines or winding process renovation.

Thanks to our technicians we are able to give new life to your current equipment in order to extend the effectiveness of your investment.

Renovation of winding machines are extremely thorough as only those who know the product can do and include:

  • Machine varnishing
  • New electrical cabinet
  • New controller
  • New touch panel 5,7” (different languages available )
  • New spindle motor
  • Different motor size on request related to the wire size
  • New traverse motor
  • New drivers
  • CE declaration
  • Workbench on request
  • 12 months warranty (C.D.Tecnologie site)
  • Fully programmable
    • Program name (list of programs)
    • Traverse movement (position and speed)
    • Spindle rotation (position, direction CW or CCW and speed)
    • Up to 16 input (implementable to 32)
    • Up to 16 Output (implementable to 32)
    • Delay – Waiting time
    • Main winding parameters
      • Number of turns
      • Winding start position
      • Bobbin length
      • Wire diameter or winding pitch
      • Speed
      • Ramp up/down
      • Spindle direction CW or CCW
      • Traverse direction at the winding start (left or right)
      • Sub routine for winding parameters modification

Programmable and/or operative special functions (pedals, commands, ect .. ), have been and can be added on request according to the special production requirements.

All this you can check with us both in our operational headquarters in Giussano or in your site during the visit of our technician who will evaluate with you the renovation according to production needs.

We give the machines a second youth !!!


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