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TAK-01 is a compact and economically priced models but high performance bench top coil winder with servo motors to control the spindle and the traverse drive. The model has 4 kinds of input patterns to apply various specifications from standard coils to special coils (transformer coils, etc.) and is the machine for easy specification change and easy operation.
TAK-01 and YOK-01 are used respectively according to coil specifications; TAK-01 has a front spindle and YOK-01 has a side spindle.


TAK-01 / YOK-01

Model TAK-01 YOK-01
No. of spindles 1
Spindle turn speed * Standard spec. : Max. 10,000rpm
Low speed spec. : Max. 2,500rpm
Mid speed spec. : Max. 5,000rpm(TAK-01)
Wire size * ø0.01mm-ø1.6mm
Traverse pitch 0-9.999mm
Traverse range 0-100mm
Bobbin size Max. 140mm (OD)
Controller Model : NE-C01
Memory capacity : 495 winding program pages
Control axes 2
Power supply AC200-230V±10% Single phase 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 0.5KvA
Machine dimensions(mm) 244(W)x575(D)x380(H) 1,040(W)x370(D)x283(H)
Machine weight Approx. 28kg Approx. 30kg
Optional attachments
  1. Foot switch (For releasing spindle rock)
  2. Tailstock
  3. Wire guide
  4. Tape holder others

* Spindle turn speed changes by coil specification.