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Professionals at your service to offer you the best solution for electric winding

Machines and accessories for electric winding

C.D.TECNOLOGIE has been operating for several years in the electric winding sector, in which it has gained considerable technical experience on equipment and accessories for multi-spindle and single-spindle winding machines, also developing its own line of welding machines, terminal insertion or faston, reel finishing lines and all types of instruments and devices dedicated to the world of winding.

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Our production program is constantly developed and expanded in order to meet the needs of the various work phases necessary to achieve the finished product, without neglecting the most hidden but no less important and necessary ones.
To complete what is produced directly, C.D.TECNOLOGIE boasts a vast program of products and accessories from European and world-class manufacturers of primary importance, which it markets exclusively for Italy, and which allows it to guarantee its customers an almost global response to its production needs in the field of electric winding.

We guarantee our customer an almost global response to production needs in the field of electrical winding.

When the wide program of products, accessories and systems does not fully meet the customer’s requests or, more simply, where his needs or production volumes are such as not to justify an investment in the purchase of the new one, we offer our know-how. -how and our experience for any technical assistance intervention aimed at the repair, modification, modernization or expansion of a system or plant already in use.

Automatic System For Industry

A part of our production staff has highly developed a branch whose aim is to manufacture systems and devices of any type including small assembling and control devices, production control- assembling- and moving systems, drive and control systems.

We have developed a special experience in the electrical and electronic manufacturing of automatic systems for production Vision and Control, Assembling machines (for switches, motors, pharmaceutical products and connectors), Axis control systems via CNC. Besides this we of course manufacture control boards and have a wiring and boards-wiring service.

For all those customers who require a “turn-key” solution besides the electric and electronic project we supply also the mechanical one and the programming of several PLC types as Omron, Siemens and GE. Development Production Vision systems are also available.