Static wells, mod. PS-Q and mod.PS-T, crucible in cast iron and protections in AISI 316 stainless steel and with easily replaceable cartridge resistors, temperature set via voltage regulator (standard) or with PS-CE electronic thermoregulator (optional); the control equipment is separated from the hot area, thermal insulation with ceramic fiber.
PSQ – Rectangular section cockpit
Model: PSQ-1: Useful Dim .: 100x80x50; Overall dimensions: 160 x 160 x 110; Pot.:800W;Temp.:°C: 0-500 +/- 7 °;
Power supply: 220V 50Hz
Pozzetto PSQ
Pozzetto PST
PST – Round section cockpit
Useful Dim .: ø32x35hmm; Overall dimensions: 105x105x110; Power400W
Useful Dim .: ø62x50hmm; Overall dimensions: 105x105x110; Power600W
Useful Dim .: ø102x60hmm; Overall dimensions: 160x160x110; Power800W Temperature: ° C: 0-500 +/- 7 °; Power supply: 220V50Hz
The tin pits of our production are practical, efficient and guarantee a high quality / price ratio.
Our standard wells are currently 3: standard square (PS-Q) standard round (PS-T) and self-cleaning (PA-1) -see relative catalog-.
The standard versions are made in stock thus facilitating prompt delivery.In addition to the standard types mentioned above, we also produce customized manholes with dimensions on request (PS-S)
All the wells produced by us are supplied with an EC certificate of conformity.