The self-cleaning rotating well model Pa1 is equipped with a cast iron crucible for high temperatures and thermal insulation in ceramic fiber. The setting and reading of the working temperature takes place via a digital thermoregulator.
This pit is also equipped with the possibility of disabling rotation by means of a switch, and with a low temperature alarm for rotation control. The PS-CE type thermoregulation equipment is separate from the hot zone.
Replacing the resistors and thermocouple is quick and easy.
All the wells produced by us are supplied with an EC certificate of conformity.
Pozzetto Autopulente PA1
Cast iron crucible for high temperatures, working temp. From 0 to 550 ° C,
Rotational speed 5 rpm, Thermocouple type K,
Useful dimensions of crucible diam. 105 h 50, cartridge resistors,
Power 1000 W
Programmable parameters:
Working temperature, Disabling of rotation
Electronic control
Features: electronic control, Temperature reading: type K thermocouple, Temperature control: digital thermoregulator with SSR output,
Resistance control: solid state relay, Power supply: 220V 50Hz.

Controllo Elettronico Pozzetto Pa1

Our standard solderpots are currently 3: self-cleaning (PA-1) square standard (PS-Q) round standard (PS-T). The standard versions are made in stock thus facilitating prompt delivery. In addition to the standard types mentioned above, we also produce customized manholes with dimensions on request (PS-S)